Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me


★★★★Riveting drama laced with humor
Leah Zeldes, Chicago Theater Beat

Chris Rickett as the spiritual Adam and Jack Hickey (who bears a strong resemblance to Terry Waite) as the mild-mannered Michael both put in strong performances. Kevin Theis, as the mercurial Edward, is just simply brilliant.
In the intimacy of the Madison Street Studio Theatre, this is riveting drama. Don’t let the bleak subject matter keep you away.

★★★ Trio of hostages trying to ignore the chains
Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune

Belinda Bremner’s sensitive, if occasionally too leisurely, staging for Oak Park Festival Theatre mutes histrionics in favor of offhand observations and bruising asides — the latter the specialty of Theis’ Edward. And there are moments of genuine anguish woven throughout the two acts.
Though neither McGuinness nor Bremner has quite resolved the problem of staging boredom without falling into occasional stretches of near-tedium, “Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me” allows the onstage threesome ample opportunity to flesh out an affecting portrait of comradeship and compassion in the worst of circumstances.

Oak Park Festival Theatre Presents Irish Playwright Frank McGuinness’ Haunting Tale of Survival
by Ed Vincent, Oak Park Journal

This play is a powerful wrenching drama, it should be seen by all those who love live theater. It should also be seen by anyone in an acting class or thoughts of theater study, the play and performances are that good.

A haunting, yet funny, hostage situation 
Doug Deuchler, Wednesday Journal

Solidly directed by Belinda Bremner, this powerful drama is a story of courage, determination, and male bonding….This is a trio of stellar performances. The script is very demanding of the actors…Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me is a thought-provoking, at times repetitive, but dynamic drama about three powerless men trapped in a desperate situation. This strong Oak Park Festival Theatre production is a tightly-paced and well-acted celebration of the resilient human spirit.

Raw emotions exposed in powerful prison play 
Tom Witom, Pioneer Press

…superlative…life-affirming performances. They hold nothing back in this gripping two-hour play where raw emotions are exposed like an open wound.





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