Richard III



The Bard’s Best Bad Guy
Ken Trainor, Oak Park Wednesdy Journal

“[D]irector Belinda Bremner has a clue and actor Kevin Theis has a gift. And because Richard III is, in many respects, a one-man show, that was all we needed for an extraordinary evening. I have never “heard,” or been more involved in, a Shakespearean production like I was with this one, which enables me to say something I never thought I would ever write: This performance ofRichard III is better than Chicago Shakespeare’s. Theis is electric.”

A straightforwardly twisted ‘Richard III’ in Oak Park
Chicago Tribune

“Moral amnesia is the default position for everyone in this play, and what makes [Kevin] Theis’ Richard so engaging is that he alone cops to his crimes, often with a sly winking leer.”

Richard III at Oak Park Festival Theatrre
Chicago Critic

“Kevin Theis plays the bad-armed, humped-back and short-footed Duke/King (Richard III) as a charming—even charismatic persona with whom from the opening soliloquy we become lured into a partnership of evil.”

There’s villainy afoot in Austin Gardens
Oak Park Wednesday Journal

“Oak Park Festival Theatre’s absorbing new outdoor production of Shakespeare’s Richard III is lucid, lively and rapid-paced. There’s humor and horror, thrilling swordplay, and vivid performances. Kevin Theis gives a mesmerizing, nuanced performance in the challenging title role.”

Bloody ‘Richard’ is a forceful study of evil
Pioneer Press

“Kevin Theis, a skilled actor who has appeared onstage numerous times for Oak Park Festival Theatre since 1990, puts his considerable talents to the test in the title role and captures his villainous character’s manipulative personality in all its complexity. Joining Theis is a hard-working 30-member cast with nary a weak link.”


Photos Courtesy of Johnny Knight Photography


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