And now  come the showers of PRAISE for

Festival Theatre’s

beboppin’ and hoppin’

Twelfth Night,the perfect splash party of summer fun!

Chicago Tribune *** – Recommended

Kerry Reid


Sometimes Shakespeare just wants a beach party

_1007829520“In Oak Park Festival Theatre’s surf’s-up take on Twelfth Night, chances are excellent you’ll walk out humming “Wouldn’t It Be Nice?” The coast of Illyria has morphed into the set of a Frankie-and-Annette film, and the food of love is seasoned with sand and salt air. …there are delightful performances at this shindig … And those famous cross-garters, donned by Malvolio after he’s gulled into believing that his lady-boss, Olivia, thinks they’re hot, have seldom been put to better use than on Clinger’s extra-lean form.”

 “In Emily McConnell’s costume of a straw boater and white jacket, Clinger looks like a member of a barbershop quartet who wandered into a Jimmy Buffet concert, particularly juxtaposed against Jack Hickey’s Sir Toby Belch … a neat visual encapsulation of the war between the squares and the libertines brewing in the early 1960s.”

“Lucy Carapetyan’s Viola is charming in her Gilliganesque male mufti. Pat King’s Antonio, the long-suffering friend to Viola’s lost twin, Sebastian (Luke Daigle), adds a dash of pathos – and a ridiculously ineffectual eye-patch – as a closeted nascent leather daddy.”