Oak Park Festival Theatre (OPFT) is blessed year after year with dedicated and hard working theatre interns.  They don’t come for the money, but they stay for their love of the theatre arts and the unique experience that comes from working outside under the stars with OPFT. This year is no exception – the interns have met all of the challenges thrown their way. We will be forever grateful for their work helping us bring to life our 40th Season.Before they go, we have one last treat – an Intern Performance Showcase.  It will be held on Friday, August 22 before our second to last performance of The Importance of Being Earnest at 6:45 p.m.  Acting interns Sean Kelly, Tressa Rose Greschak, Alex Cole, and Madeline Pell will perform two ten-minute plays directed by three of OPFT’s formidable directors – Mark Richards (director of last year’s Amadeus), Kevin Theis (director of this year’s Earnest) and our Artistic Director Jack Hickey.
If you have made plans to attend Friday’s performance of Earnest, we encourage you to come early for the showcase.  Of course, if you hadn’t planned to attend then by all means you should come for the showcase and stay for the show – repeat patronage is always appreciated.The following is a full list of our 40th Season Intern Class: Michael Alex Cole (Culver-Stockton College – Senior), Hannah Dickerson (Columbia College – Senior), Sarah Feldman (Cornell College – Sophomore), Irina Gavrilova (Yale University – Sophomore), Tressa Greschak (Northern Illinois University – Senior), Bailey Hayman (Northern Illinois University – Senior), Brian Healy (DePaul University – Junior), Sean Kelly (CCPA, Roosevelt University – Sophomore), Makenna Metz (Columbia College – Sophomore), Madeline Pell (CCPA, Roosevelt University – Sophomore) and Annie Pfohl (Northern Illinois University – Senior)