optfcrowdamedeusby Kevin Theis
To put this in perspective: Last Friday, at Oak Park Festival’s performance of AMADEUS, we broke the non-“Family Day” attendance record (previously 206) by bringing in 211 people to the show.
The next night, we managed to break the “Family Day” attendance record (231) set by “Robin Hood” many years ago by hosting 257 patrons to that evening’s show.
We came close to matching that last night, Friday, by attracting a 248 member crowd. But the question remained: Could we break three hundred? Could our miraculous, never-say-die, little-engine-that-could show possibly bring in a crowd of 300 strong?
Tonight we closed the show and we were informed, at the intermission, by our indomitable box office manager Mary Liming, that we had, somehow, brought in an astonishing 353 audience members, shattering out OWN record by nearly 100 people.

crowd amadeus

We are now, happily, the #1 show ever produced at Festival Theatre. And I am happy to report that, when we were done, those gorgeous, generous, lovely people stood the fuck UP.
Congrats to all involved, but particularly Mark RichardJulia Zayas-Melendez, our amazing group of designers and interns, our astonishing and unfailing cast and, of course, those miraculous crowds.
It was, without question, one of the greatest nights of my career and I cannot thank you all enough for this tremendous, fantastic, spectacularly successful ride.
I love you all-