What happens when an impending thunderstorm prevents the entirety of Act Two from being performed? A creative, abridged version, of course! Completely put on the spot – our brilliant FESTE, played by Scot West, performed an summery of Act II  (complete with back-up singing from the cast!) in under 5mins as lighting flashed and threatened to strike!

“A thunderstorm thankfully ended the Chicago heat wave yesterday but it also forced us to cut short the last preview of our beach party TWELFTH NIGHT just after intermission. But rather than just send everyone home, the director asked me to go out and recount all of Act Two in five minutes. Since we were spoiling the ending of TWELFTH NIGHT, I decided also to give away the endings to a few Hollywood movies. Then we sang the last song and high-tailed it out of there before the skies opened up. That’s what I call rain pace.” – Scot West

— with Katrina HerrmannJack HickeyPatrick KingJohn CrosthwaiteChris BallouLucy CarapetyanLavina JadhwaniJackson McLaughlinLuke Daigle,Will ClingerDaniel HouleKaty CollinsAnne PapesyJhenai MootzBecca PearceKatie CampbellJoshua WolfMolly Lyons and Scot West at Twelfth Night By William Shakespeare.